Snacks with no limits

Knowing some of the fantastic products our supply partners can produce felt like too good an opportunity to miss. Working together we’ve fine tuned the mixes, flavours, and processes to bring an exciting range of Snacks to the market. Under our umbrella brand of Welland Farm foods we are excited to bring a range of Savoury snacks to the market, and some amazing dried fruit wheels.

Welland Farm Foods

Targeted at older audiences, a range of snacks from traditional Dried Fruit and Nuts, through protein packed pulses & punchy flavoured Rice & Corn Snacks.  Ideal for dipping, snacking & entertaining. 

Crazy Simple Snacks

Targeted at the younger audiences, a range of healthy and delicious, natural Dried Fruit Snacks. 

A mix of delicious fruit & natural flavours, formed into wheels ideal for lunches, & after school snacking.

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